Earth Healer

Angeline has been laying low in her healer’s hut in the woods since childhood, alone since her mentor left. Sure, people from the village come to her for healing but no one admits it. She’s fine with it, prefers to be alone, studying the large magical books on healing and botany that were left behind, even if she battles loneliness by talking to herself.

When a young knight discovers her hidden home and recognizes her as the one person who can break the curse on Fenris, she is unceremoniously brought to Fenris Keep by none other than Damien, the Laird of Fenris, himself. And with each attempt at escape, their connection gets stronger, despite his distrust of magic.

Angeline is pulled into caring for the locals with each task she performs, magical or non. Despite Damien’s change of heart, she’s sticking it out until she discovers how to break the curse and, in the process, bring life to a slumbering land and open the heart of the one man who complements her.

Working together, they find love and further adventure that launches them into a new world where they must collaborate with the other countries on Omnos Island.

Earth Healer is the first book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features Angeline, a strong earth elemental healer with the canny ability to reach for magic wherever she might be, Damien, an untrusting leader who discovers that his strengths include a certain elemental witch, and a happy ending that will leave you wanting more.

picture of book cover Earth Healer Book One
picture of book cover Earth Healer Book One
Fire Seeker

A fire elemental with a temper. A prince who cares a little too much. A spreading blight that is killing Karhu.

Narr doesn’t remember much about her past except the desperately whispered instructions to hide until her parents return for her. And she has done that for over two decades.

Torben, prince of Karhu, is asked to walk away from his rightful lineage and he does so out of respect and love. He doesn’t realize how far he must be pushed before he will fight for his honor and his people.

Their paths collide when Torben’s life is threatened and Narr is the only one who can help him.

Will Narr control her magic and her temper and find a place where she belongs? Will Torben face his father and claim his rightful place? And between them both, will they be able to master the blight that threatens to destroy the country that they both love?

Fire Seeker is the second book in the Omnos Island Elemental Series. It features Narr, a passionate, lonely fire elemental who longs to find her family as much as she fears harming people with her fiery magic, Torben, the rightful prince of Karhu, who gently coaxes a certain fire elemental to trust her own magic and his love, and a happy ever after that warms their hearts as well as the icy plains.

Picture of cover of Fire Seeker Book Two
Picture of cover of Fire Seeker Book Two
Air Singer

Aella, an air elemental, arrives at the Université Desiday as a visiting professor with the promise of referrals to her own passion project. When she arrives, it’s not what she anticipated; entitled students and unused resources. Her strong sense of justice and lack of fear lead to trouble, new friends, and an unusual connection with another professor.

Joseph, a metal elemental, has been teaching at the Université Desiday long enough to know that there are people in power better left alone. It’s better to assist deserving students under the radar. When he meets Aella, his world is turned upside down as he learns to see university life through her very perceptive eyes.

Between their students’ spurts of uncontrolled magic, meetings with the leaders of Omnos Island, and a search for a mythical seed bank, their magical bond intertwines. The more they share, the more they realize that they are meant to work together. And be together.

Air Singer is the third book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features Aella, an intelligent, accomplished wind elemental with a mission to spread knowledge to whoever wants to learn, Joseph, a protective metal elemental who learns that risk is worth the reward, especially when it comes to a particular elemental witch, and a happy ending that extends beyond the university.

Water Weaver

Maya, a water elemental, has been taking care of her family for a long time. The last thing she needs is to reconnect with old friends, especially ones from the royal house of Marique. But when Maya has to help with the water currents in the harbor, she is caught up in the dangers that are affecting the livelihood of her community and the entire country. Dangers that challenge her own deep-seated fears.

When Louis, the Prince of Marique, bumps into Maya, he has no intention of revealing who he really is. However, he doesn’t anticipate the power of her magic—or the dislike she feels for him after all these years. Between the cold weather, the calamities that are occurring in the harbor, and the secrets his mother, the queen, is keeping from him, he pulls Maya into his circle of counselors, whether she likes it or not.

The only thing that can overcome Maya’s fears is her love for her family and her community. The only thing that can push Louis out of his comfort zone and into a position of power that will enable him to help his country is Maya.

Their combined magic brings them together. Saving the people they love keeps them side by side.

Water Weaver is the fourth book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features Maya, a no-nonsense, skilled water elemental who brings people together with the same dexterity and beauty with which she creates her tapestries, Louis, a prince secretly assisting the people of Marique as he waits for his mother to relinquish some of her duties, and a sweet happy ending that ties them together.

Wood Watcher

Mathilde, a tree elemental, lives in the Madeira surrounded by her trees. Just because she can’t see well doesn’t mean she can’t be an independent woman. But then she starts getting flowers from an unknown admirer. Between the strange surges in her magic and the even stranger attacks from creatures not native to her beloved forest, the strain on her magic is growing.

Will, an Equalizer not affected by magic, has been tasked with protecting the ancient tree in the midst of the Madeira. In secret. So when the tree starts failing, he can’t confide in the one person who could help him. He trusts her. He’s in awe of her. He can’t tell her a thing.

Between attacks from wolves and other creatures, new information from mysterious volumes of history and magic, and the push and pull of their emotional ties, they must learn to trust each other. And let love overcome their pasts.

Wood Watcher is the fifth book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features Mathilde, a highly accomplished, sight-impaired tree witch who loves what she does and will fight anyone who tries to stifle her independent life, Will, a regular guy who can’t be touched by magic who falls for a powerful tree witch who is the answer to every one of his problems, and a happy ending that puts them both where they need to be, with each other.

Short Stories from Omnos Island

Moonlight Magic

Tonia came to Omnos Island as a young, inexperienced woman, destined to be the Lady of Fenris and ready to love the Laird of the land. After years of abuse and seclusion at the hands of an insane husband, she’s more cautious. All she wants is to get back to normal; tend her herbs, care for the people of Fenris Keep, and watch her son and his new wife build a life together. Love isn’t something she even dreams about anymore.

Aron arrived at Fenris Keep looking for a spot to lay down some roots and find peace. He’s lived through the physical and emotional trauma of the Border Wars and learned that even his own religion can’t provide him with a good night’s sleep. He’s helped enough war survivors to know that some scars aren’t visible on your skin. And he’s wandered Omnos Island enough to know that, deep down, people are all seeking the same thing; a chance at happiness.

A quiet walk. A simple conversation. A matter-of-fact rescue. Two wounded souls come together for a second chance at love.

Moonlight Magic is an Omnos Island short story set after Earth Healer. It features Tonia, a strong, yet traumatized woman, who is relearning what it means to come back to life, Aron, a priest who believes that remedies come from many different places, and a gentle happily ever after filled with hope for two recovering souls.

My Everything

Before Rory was boisterously loud, before Elizabeth was self-controlled and responsible for a child, before the curse on Fenris was broken, their love began. And when a chance encounter reunites them in the small town of Havenshire, they realize that the friendship they had has grown into the love they want.

In Earth Healer, Rory and Elizabeth reveal the love that could never die. Find out how and when their story began in My Everything, an Omnos Island Short.

Stubborn Love

From the moment Robert saw her, he knew she was meant to be his. Smart, strong, beautiful, she appealed to every part of him. If only she would let him in.

Azima has never seen anyone so persistent. Or so sneaky. She can’t let herself love the scholar from Fenris. He needs to understand that her duty dictates her life. And this love is not meant to be

Neither one of them has ever had to deal with someone as stubborn as the other. But over the course of one adventure, they learn more about who they are and who they can be. Together.

Stubborn Love is a short story of Robert and Azima set after Fire Seeker. It features Robert, a scholar and a knight who knows what he wants and knows how to get it, Azima, a solitary bodyguard whose one weakness is a certain scholar and knight, and a happy ending that promises more adventures for them both.